Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving day

Happy Thanksgiving!! Another full belly...Good food...lava games! Movie with the uncles -yeah it was fun. Mikey is sad tonight. he is mad that i Have jhd. he is pissed off. he came in the house and went to mom. i hate that. i am sorry that he is upset about me. Me him Dustin and bre, we were to take over the world. now they worry about me. I really hate that
Gabe sure loves his uncle jimmy.,mom is redoing her new room. i am now on the main floor and at first not happy about it. now it OK. mom was fixing up her room. and her and dad were fussing at each other. everyone is so sad, and angry. i wish it would just go away. i am OK, i am just sad when they are, i see them act like nothing is wrong but they watch me. mom is worried i will fall dad worried about my temper and Mikey is mad that we not going to grow old together and everyday he looks at me in the face and sees it. I hate that. i am asking God to save my family.