Thursday, December 10, 2009


hi, guess i have not wrote for a few days. Mikey is now 17 and it great. Mom made aunt juice take our pictures...i am hoping to see them soon. poor Aunt juice had to put up with us all.. but mom said the pictures she saw were GREAT. I think it is really cool the aunt juice still takes pictures, She took ones of me when i was like 5 at her collage dorm room and and mom still has them, they are some of her favorite one of me..(blahh)
the boys of course where being naughty, Aunt Juice was so relaxed and not mad or nothing. She rocks.
Mom and me went Christmas shopping at Good will. and we got the Landon a cool under the sea puzzle and Shawn a counting game. it was really ok spending time with mom like that. I got some kick ass ti shirts one was dime bag Darryl tshirt!!
me and mom talked about planning my funeral. I know i not dead yet but, i want it planned and done with so mom and dad do not worry about it.
also it sounds like i am getting SSI. and we found out that me and mikey get money from Jeff from Social Security. For something called survivors benefits... would have been nice to know that 2 years ago, since i only get the monthly money till i am 19 or graduate high school. the lady at the social security office said that there was a letter sent to the estate of Jeff. but yeah who knows.
mom and i also talk about not stressing about the small stuff. and i think we do not do that anymore, at least not for the most part.
I just do not let it get to me. Mom says that i get snappy and i guess i do, i just really tired all the time.
DJ is coming out for Christmas so i am super excited about that.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving day

Happy Thanksgiving!! Another full belly...Good food...lava games! Movie with the uncles -yeah it was fun. Mikey is sad tonight. he is mad that i Have jhd. he is pissed off. he came in the house and went to mom. i hate that. i am sorry that he is upset about me. Me him Dustin and bre, we were to take over the world. now they worry about me. I really hate that
Gabe sure loves his uncle jimmy.,mom is redoing her new room. i am now on the main floor and at first not happy about it. now it OK. mom was fixing up her room. and her and dad were fussing at each other. everyone is so sad, and angry. i wish it would just go away. i am OK, i am just sad when they are, i see them act like nothing is wrong but they watch me. mom is worried i will fall dad worried about my temper and Mikey is mad that we not going to grow old together and everyday he looks at me in the face and sees it. I hate that. i am asking God to save my family.

Friday, November 20, 2009

mmm today is is friday and i am will be done with school in less than 4 months!! yes!!! i not sure what i will do afterwards but i will worry about that later.
Mom told me that she may not do the benfit that somepeople where thinking of having for us. She seems a sad. i think it is casue she is ashamed she needs help. I think that person can piss off!! i am so not going to nice to that person!! Mom is already worried enough.
Gabe was dancing last night!! he was stompping his lttle foot and wigglinging his butt!! it was really cute!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Katelyn Story it's long

I am unsure of how to begin? I will let my mom start my story-
Katelyn was born on July 19, after 9 months of worry and 18 hours of hard labor, to a 16 year old girl. Katelyn's Nana was the frist person to touch her other than the Dr. She was a tiny little girl weighing in a 6lbs 7 ounces but was 21 inches long. (it was her long legs). She was very fast learner and was able to capture the hearts anyone who crossed her path. She learned to walk at 9 months of age and was speaking in full sentances by the time she was a year old.
She grew in to a fesity little girl, a tomboy for most of her todddler years and elementry school years. She was very smart and was often found to be a peace maker and could be found defending anyone who was hurt or sad. She made friends quickly and formed lasting bonds to many people.
Katelyn lost (My mom)Nana on Nov 11, 2006, and Katelyn and Mikey lost thier biogical father on Mother's Day, May 12 of 2007, he died due to complactions of Huntonings.
Durring this time we noticed a change in Katelyn, she went from being a very happy and out going young lady-to a very with drawen and unpridicable young lady. Mike and I just assumed it was due to the stresses that she was dealing with all the hard time and the move from North carolina, back to iowa. Only God knew what had started going on with Katelyn:
Now i will let Katelyn tell her stoy-
I changed, mom says. I look back now and I can rember stuggling in school and being angery that i could not "get it". We had meetings with my teachers and i would tell everyone i was trying. I was sleeping alot and skipping school. I was trying but for some reason it just would not stay with me. I know i was mad about that. I got mad at mom and dad for not understanding. Up to this point i had been a honnor role student in all but math. I started to with draw and just be with Mikey. Me and mikey alway knew we had a chance to have the gene for Huntingtons. But we never dewlt on it and we never really worried about it. Than we started to really research HD. We were afraid that mikey was showing signs. So mom and mikey went to get tested in Iowa city. On june 10th 2009 we recvied GOT BEST NEWS, Mikey's test was negative for the muated gene!! They tested Mikey before he was 18 becasue they thought he was showing signs. I turned 18 on july 19th, and told mom that i wanted to be tested for the gene.
so mom made the calls and got it all set up. and me and mikey and mom went to Fort Dodge for my blood to be drawn. On OCT 16th, 2009 we went to des moines to recive my results. My "CAG" count was a high 57. What that means is i I have the gene for Huntonings. I have been showing signs for the last two years. But not the physical ones so much, till just the last six months. I have been stuggling with the thinking and rembering, and learing new things. I have lost over 30 pounds, and according to my mom and the dr, i do not have that to lose. I know my mom and mikey sitting in that room when the test results were read were upset, but i knew. I felt bad for mom and mikey. Mom said she was mad. But she is doing better now. Mikey, he is tring to be brave and stand at my side like the silly brother he is. Dad is always looking out for me. he just wants me happy.
Me i am doing ok today, i stuggle with it sometimes. I get mad when i cannot rember things or i think that i won't see my baby brothers finish high school. or get married and i never will have a baby. It makes me sad that i know my mom and dad will have to take care of me again and that some day they will bury me. It makes me sad that Mikey and me won't get the chance to sit on the front porch with our grandkids running around. But i refuse to stop living. but somedays it can be overwhelming. I think thats it ok that i feel that way.