Thursday, May 10, 2012

Not so sure if it needs to be shared...

WOW... how time flys by. Mothers day.. and my birthday... a trip to the Omaha Zoo... I am so excited to do this. Can't wait to see the boys faces as they look at the animals.
Kate is in her 8 month and doing well. So excited to meet this tiny little girl who is making my baby girl a mommy. Ups and Downs worries and stress.. but we are so very excited to meet her..I cant wait to see Kate hold her.  and for those of you who have asked.. yes we will hold a baby shower for her Kate.. But it will be after Nevaeh is here. Kate has asked we wait so everyone can meet Baby Nevaeh Iris there. Kate has help me in so many ways, not just with dealing with her JHD, but even more so to be a better parent to my boys. (and Grandma to her daughter) Kate has shown me how to find patience when faced with events or issues.. after all she is faced with she is teaching me..For example.. on may 1 there was a baby shower given by Nevaeh's fathers family. Katelyn had found out about it on Friday night and had said she would be unable to attend due to us having people over for out "TEAM HOPE" walk.. She did not tell me or dad about this shower. I felt horrible about Kate not being there after she told me about it on Tuesday. I asked her "honey, why did you not tell us? You should have gone ,we would have totally understood." Kate replied "It ok mom, I talked to Nevaeh dad and he understood, I just feel bad cause Nevaeh's Grandma was sad I was not there." I looked at Kate and said " Honey talk to them, let them know you really appreciate everything they did and you hope they will come to the shower we are giving." Kate: "I will, and I am sorry I missed it." I was thinking about it later and said to Kate "It kinda makes me feel angry that they would throw a shower and than be upset you were not there, when they knew you had friends from out of town come in for the walk." Kate looked at me " Mom, it is ok, and I am not upset and I hope they come to the party we are having, but if not it is ok, don't be angry mom." I looked at her a laughed, " Yes Kate, your right, what happen is too bad, but not the end of the world and we will invite them all to the baby/welcome shower." Thank you Kate, for reminding me, to not stress the past and just look toward tomorrow.
Kate showed class and understanding for everyone. This is her gift to us all. Her wish is that her dad and I and Nevaeh's other grandparent's get to be just Grandpa and Grandma.. not parents to Nevaeh. My job is to make sure this happens for her and the baby. Kate has the ability to see the good in many issues and is able to share that view with her loved ones.I pray that we return Kate's love and help her to achieve her needs and wants for Baby Nevaeh and for herself. That is my daily prayer..
As I sit and write this it occurs to me that some may feel that I am exposing to much..and to that I say.. this is what this blog is for, to share our life, all parts.. not just the parts that are good or ok. So I hope I do not offend ANYONE.. but if I have I ask for your understanding and forgiveness.

Our banner with Sponsors!!
  The team walk held on April 30 was a wonderful success. 30,000.00 dollars raised!! can you believe that? and over 300 people showed up to walk/run... I still am in shock.. I want to thank the Ladies who work so darn hard at putting it on.. Margret,Betty, Lorraine and all the others!! I am humbled by all the work they do!! I often think I need to do more.. to fight HD/JHD . I see what they do and how they offer hope and comfort to so many, it inspires me to do more and keep fighting!!

Kate's Kronies.. at least some of them
More Kronies..:)

Kate's Bean
I have to share this... I work for the best boss EVER!!! Dr. Arnie Beukelman who owns the AVENUE VET CLINIC IN SIOUX CENTER, IOWA has donated to our local chapter and JHDKIDS over 4000.00 combined!! He also has allowed me to ship Landon bracelets from work for no charge! He has given me the outlet to share and inform many people about Huntington's. We had a arcticle written in the Kennel Spotlight { }  and this has allowed many people to e mail and ask questions about Huntington's and learn even more. He and my co worker have been so very supportive of Landon and his efforts to raise money.. they also are so very understanding when I have to leave due to sick kids dr appointments ect... I never have to worry about not having a job.. Dr. Arnie has given Landon hope when he was getting discourage (his bracelets did not sell in month of Jan and Feb). This help has endeared "Dr. Arnie Grandpa" (Landon's new name for him) to Landon. Also this past Sunday night Kate's dog Bean was hit by a car, (bean is a 146lbs mastiff cross) and when Mike called Dr. Arnie he meet us at the vet office with out complaint. He took wonderful care of Bean that night and Monday morning when I walked into work, bean was wagging his tail, after x rays and the overnight stay in the office, pain meds and antibiotics, Bean came home.. and Dr Arnie charged of all of this.... $0.00....(he did say he would require at least hour of baby holding, once Nevaeh is here) I was humbled. The only thing he said was... tell Kate I am glad everything is ok and give Shawn a hug (Shawn was crying on Sunday night when we left with Bean)... I cried.. for his act of kindness and his concern for Kate and Shawn...It is not all about what he gives to Landon and Kate's causes.. it also the way he shows he cares about our family.. Dr. Arnie and his wife Cher hired me when I was 7 month pregnant with Landon, I was desperate for a job and they said they would give me a try.. almost 8 years later (and 3 little boys later) I am still there. I am still grateful for the chance they gave me. They have allowed me to be a mom first and a worker 2nd,... they have supported me and shown me compassion and understanding..Words can never express what appreciation  and respect I have for them.