Thursday, December 10, 2009


hi, guess i have not wrote for a few days. Mikey is now 17 and it great. Mom made aunt juice take our pictures...i am hoping to see them soon. poor Aunt juice had to put up with us all.. but mom said the pictures she saw were GREAT. I think it is really cool the aunt juice still takes pictures, She took ones of me when i was like 5 at her collage dorm room and and mom still has them, they are some of her favorite one of me..(blahh)
the boys of course where being naughty, Aunt Juice was so relaxed and not mad or nothing. She rocks.
Mom and me went Christmas shopping at Good will. and we got the Landon a cool under the sea puzzle and Shawn a counting game. it was really ok spending time with mom like that. I got some kick ass ti shirts one was dime bag Darryl tshirt!!
me and mom talked about planning my funeral. I know i not dead yet but, i want it planned and done with so mom and dad do not worry about it.
also it sounds like i am getting SSI. and we found out that me and mikey get money from Jeff from Social Security. For something called survivors benefits... would have been nice to know that 2 years ago, since i only get the monthly money till i am 19 or graduate high school. the lady at the social security office said that there was a letter sent to the estate of Jeff. but yeah who knows.
mom and i also talk about not stressing about the small stuff. and i think we do not do that anymore, at least not for the most part.
I just do not let it get to me. Mom says that i get snappy and i guess i do, i just really tired all the time.
DJ is coming out for Christmas so i am super excited about that.