Saturday, April 13, 2013

Power of 1 young man and a heart full of LOVE

Landon and "Grandpa Arnie's German Shepard puppies. He loves to spend the days at mom's

 work and with puppies!
Some days a smiles say it all!

 I am truly amazed at God's work... His plans are always better than ours...
Our Landon and Kate are so very close. He proves to me that God works in everyone. That God has a plan for each of us. On days I find myself looking to the heavens and asking God "how do I get through today or Why today... Landon will stop me and remind me that Life goes on and even on our "icky" days he reminds me to quite looking toward the bad and look to positive! His smile is really a bright moment no matter what life brings
 Landon is still working hard to raise money for JHD research. But even more so he is learning that what he dose is making a difference in peoples lives. Just by being himself. Now he is not perfect and Kate and him fight and act like siblings at all times.
He laughs and smiles and throws a fit and gets mad and acts like a normal 8 year old. 
and I thank God for him
Check out the link and see what he been up too!
I can say say that the courage of Kate and Landon's love for his sister and God Plans all have shown me that life is full of JOY and HOPE!! I have seen Landon in action.. I have seen Katelyn playing with Nevaeh and loving that little girl with her whole HEART and Soul!! Landon has shown Us that one little boy and a little bit of help from his loved ones and his tender heart can make the world a better place!!
Nevaeh Smiles are a God send every day. I can believe that She is growing so fast and is already trying to walk!! (no our home is not baby proofed YET) She is standing on her own and trying to walk.. it makes me smile to watch her light up when I walk in the room and she giggles at me.
I still amazed at all the people that Landon has brought in to my life. People who have touched my heart with their stories and have given me hope when we needed it.   

I meet a young lady this weekend who has been with her boyfriend for 6 years and he has Huntingtons. She had so many questions and was so shocked with how much information I had. I gave her web sites and lots of information. My heart was hurting for her. Her courage to stand by him and love i saw in her. It made me feel hope... she was so excited to hear someone talk so open about HD. I don't know what God has plan for this young lady or for my family, but thanks to all those people who have shown that what we do make a difference and that we are not alone (Kennel Spotlight and Southwest Auctions).. We will always keep fighting and we will always keep in mind that others are hurting and we will keep praying....
Nevaeh in her Rocker from Grandpa Arnie (Handmade from the Amish)

Once again smiles sometimes all we need
And Everyday we need a prayer or two (or 100)

Mommy and Nevaeh

Nevaeh LOVES Mommy

 Good Food and Good Company makes the moment perfect(Landon and Kate)