Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thank you Kate

I feel for my little girl.. She is so strong... I can't even began to know what she goes thur..
Her ability to live life to fullest and deal with her worries and stress is amazing... God must surly have her in his hands.
I have made many mistakes with raising my children, as I am human and not perfect at all. Having said that I can only say that I am proud to be Kate's mom.
I see all my children and there are days when I wonder why God blessed me with them. I can't say I always make the right choices with but I can say that I am thankful for them always...
Katelyn has much on her shoulders, more now with her pregnancy...I wish I could ease her mind and promise that all will be well..She knows it will be for it is in God's hands.
Kate told me that she felt that I was negative...So it made me take a invoice of myself..and it made me sad.. that perhaps there are times when the stress and worry overwhelms me. I than have to stop myself and pray.. I trust that God is in control and that his plan is not for harm...
and it also made want to fight harder for Kate and the kids with JHD/HD..It makes me mad that I hear there are research happening and that there is headway being made yet the victims of JHD/HD are not getting the help they need..
We are fighting for everything from SSI or SS to medical help. GRRRR...
We have to tell our doctors and therapist and any one else that we go to for help for our loved ones what Huntingtons Disease is and what is needed to help our loved ones. I don't know enough, but I am trying and I keep trying to learn-
I have learned that I can't go into the doctors office with Kate and just expect them to know how to help her..It makes her mad,that I voice my concerns and sometimes argue or fuss with the the medical personal, but,I feel if I don't than I am failing her as a mother and as her advocate.
We fight even at times with the victims of JHD/hd.. as we try to do what is best for them or the best we can do for them.
It rips me up inside to see Kate leaving us piece by piece yet she has shown me how to keep living and smiling and laughing, and for teaching me to hear, not just listen, for helping me to always find the positive in life!
So thank you Kate.. for helping your mom to learn to trust in God always and thank you for loving life and for your smile, Thank you for reminding me that you are still our Kate and we wouldn't want you any other way.

Psalm 92:13
Those that be planted in the house of the LORD shall flourish in the courts of our God.