Sunday, June 24, 2012

we are hoping to bring Kate and baby home today.. What a roller coaster of emotions for us as a family and as parents.. I think i send enough tears to fill the ocean..
i could sit all day and watch Kate hold the baby.. and to see her face as she touches Nevaeh hair or cheek or fingers. It rocks me to my heart and soal. I thank God for all his blessings not just today but always. I am praying that Kate's dad and myself are strong enough to help Kate. Some days I just want to scream and jump...
We look to the coming days with hopefully hearts and wonder as Kate and Nevaeh bond even more. We pray that all will be well.
Kate is looking forward to getting home and just holding her little one. As is type this she and Nevaeh father are in hospital room getting ready to be discharged. Then they head down stairs to to Nevaeh room. She was placed in NICU to check for with drawls from the meds Kate was on. The dr have said she is doing fine.
I pray that today is the day she come home with her mom.