Wednesday, September 21, 2011

it 4 am ...

So it 4 am.. Gabe is sick with flu.. i am sitting waiting for him to wake up and vomit some more...
Kate keeps wanting to move out .. I keep telling her she can't be alone. She is struggling with that.. it Makes her very angry.. I wish i could help her..We have talked about her staying with her Uncle, but her Uncle not sure he can let her... not mention that there is very little room since the tow bedrooms are already being used.. But we just keep moving forward..
As for JHD/HD awareness, well got an email from Jane Mervar, she and many others put together , any way she included me! That gave me a extra boost to keep moving to keep "shouting out" about JDH/HD.
We are attending the Sioux Valley Chapter Fall Seminar for JHD/HD. and than going to on a panel for the USD medical school students and Jay Flanagan on Monday, September 26, at 10:15 AM in Vermillion, SD...
So busy weekend!!
oh and Sunday is our wedding anniversary!! 12 years married and 15 together..Pretty insane.. and pretty blessed I am..I have a wonderful husband and beautiful children!
Gabe is vomiting so better go for now.. but remember awareness.. and remeber Keep fighting

Psalm 16:9 Therefore my heart is glad, and my glory rejoice: my flesh also shall rest in hope
God Bless and KEEP PRAYING

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