Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pregency and Abortion - My Feelings

I been busy praying.. the boys not feeling the best.. Mike was laid off for the winter. ( we were expecting this)
So the boys have enjoyed having daddy home. Kate been spending more time at Billy. That ok .. We are all learning and praying that all goes well for Kate and For Billy.
Mikey got a full time job.. whoot. :) Kate finished her Christmas shopping, i think the boys will LOVE the presents she got them..
Landon all been busy helping with key chains and bracelets... he hoping people will keep buying..:) Keep fighting..
Gene Veritas, a Huntington's blogger and a HD Advocate and is HD positive, has interviewed me about Kate's pregnancy. We have had many people make unkind remarks about the baby and Kate's decision to NOT test the baby while in the womb for the HD gene, and she chosen to have this child. and not terminate the pregnancy.
Believe it or not many people have told me that if the baby has JHD/HD it is our own fault.. (because we could have avoided this if we test the baby and terminate the pregnancy if it comes back positive).. This has happen not only on our HD Family site but in our local area.
It makes me sad that people can be so hateful toward my child and grandchild. I don't agree with pregnancy termination or abortion. I never have. I had people even ask me if I had the choice to test Kate before birth would have I aborted her.. The answer is NO! NEVER... it was never a thought or a idea that crossed my mind..
Kate feels the same about her tiny child. She has names picked out and is in love with this child already. She knows that she may have passed the HD gene on,and she knows that she most likely won't live to see the child grow up. But she also knows there is a good chance that she might NOT have passed the HD gene on and that there is hope in the research. She knows her child will bring joy and peace to us that she leaves behind.
My prayer is that her pregnancy keeps going normally, and her child will be welcomed in to this world with love and hope.
My prayer for those who say those unkind words to me and to those who believe that Kate is selfish.. my prayer for them is that they may find peace, that they can offer people love instead of anger and judgment because otherwise with out love and hope we are all defeated by Huntington's...
If we work together we can keep the fight and find a treatment!. We may not always agree with what each other does but we can offer love and not judgment.
I believe that Gene Veritas blog about the couple that terminated their pregnancy at 22 weeks needed to be told. I am sure it was painful for them and so very hard. I pray that they can heal. I also have been told that Kate's bay has no place in this world because we are not testing.. to that I say "God is in control and we are putting the baby and Kate in HIS HANDS, for he is our Creator and our Father, in Him we rest our worries. It says in bible that "i knew you in your mothers womb, I knitted you together" This tells me that GOD knows Kate's baby and He is in CONTROL and for that I am so thankful for


  1. Very well wrote by an awesome lady and family. I applaud Kate and her decision. You and your family have my full support. As far as the haters, pray for them. You and your family will always be in my prayers. GOD BLESS. xxx

  2. Very well said!!! Love ya lots Tara!!! :)

  3. I have to tell you when I read the headline and saw the word abortion I freaked!! I thought no way would/should she have an abortion. You are such a special family. You are right! GOD is in control! I love you and wish you all the best!

  4. Love you all, and even if this baby does have HD you are blessed with a precious life. God is in control of how long we are on earth and you're right that its in His hands. I'm proud of Kate and I'm in awe of you, Tara. I'll keep praying for Kate and her baby : )

  5. What a wonderful heartfelt blog. Your family is always in our hearts and prayers Tara. I am happy she is not aborting the baby. When I was testing for the gene I found Out I was pregnant. I was on birth control too. I was going to go through with the amnio to test her. I decided that I would NEVER abort her so there was no reason to to test her. Plus it would eat me up inside If I knew all along. I commend you all for being such a great strong family. (((( HUGS))) to you all.

  6. God Bless you and your family. Thank you for being so brave to share your story and faith. We need to all remember that every life is a gift from god and we should not throw it away.

  7. thank you all so much for your words of love and encouragement... It is hard sometimes to stay on track.. but with God as my Father and him putting people like you in my life I know that He will see us thur this and always offer us comfort and love.

  8. You are all in my prayers. Everyone deserves the right to make their own decision and I commend Kate for going through with this. This is something my husband and I have struggled with since finding out I'm gene positive 2 years ago. We don't have any children yet. I pray that everything goes well:)