Friday, February 17, 2012

Kate's baby

baby girl at 20 weeks and 1 day.. 11oz and super cute!!

at 16 weeks

16 weeks

playing with her ears at 16 weeks just like mom
tiny foot
Kate baby at 20 weeks
So much is happening for this little girl.. We are so excited to meet her.. Knowing God has a plan for her and he knows her already.

The wonder of a new child is so overwhelming..
I look at Kate and see MY baby girl turning into a mother. I see how her hand rest on her tummy or how she touches her tummy.. I cant thank God enough for his blessings.. 
Kate has so much going on but yet for the most part she stays calm and happy.. Her giggles ring thur my heart as we talk about her baby and her brothers talk about the baby or about anything little boys talk about.. 
I wish that i could help her more.. take away the pains she experiences.. take away her worries and her fears..
But any mom feels that way..
She worries about her Boyfriend and his family.. she worries about the future hold for them and her and the baby.. She worries are based in truth .. I pray that God may give me and Mike the courage and strengths to help her and support her.
Kate's hope are that her boyfriend can come back to her healthy and whole.. that he can find his way to become the dad he will need to be. She knows this is not a change that happens overnight or in a months time.. It is life change. That it will take much courage and will power from him.. She knows the baby welfare is first in everyone mind.. She hopes and prays that we will all be able to work together and show her baby all the love we feel for her. She wants to make her boyfriend all better. and yet she knows that she can't do it for him that he has to take that on for himself.
 She has trouble with stress and worries.. So I pray that we can help her deal with it. I pray that the choices we make are based on love and for her benefit, and not on feeling that we may have.

We keep looking for ways to raise awareness for JHD and HD.. for I have found it frustrating and hard to travel thur the the social security and ssi and Medicaid highways. it is frustrating to find a dr that knows about HD yet we cant see him due to rules and regulations.. so we end up back at square one.
We searching for a dr to help Kate deal with her feelings and explain to her what is happening.. yet we are having trouble finding one.
Yet we have faith and knowledge that she will find her way.. That no matter what life brings we will trust in God to see us thur it.

We must trust in God for it thur him we have peace and hope.

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